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Note: Currently, we are not accepting submissions. Once the process is open again, we will post a note here. Thank you for your interest in writing for us.

GHOST WRITERS (Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica)

Seeking writers who can write ROMANTIC short stories (10,000 - 15,000 words) with SIZZLING intimate scenes. Push the boundaries in this department, but characters must connect emotionally. Specifically seeking:

**Interracial (BWWM) love stories (male/female);

**YA paranormal love stories;

**Male/female love stories featuring plus-sized women (of all races);

**Western romance stories;

**Urban romance and erotica;

**Billionaire romance featuring BWWM couples;

**Love stories featuring older characters (45-65; M/F); and

**Single girl fantasy (these are more erotica than romance, so let your imagination run wild).

With the above being said, even if the story you want to tell doesn't fit any of these categories, if it's a good story with great love scenes, submit it. Note: We only publish stories with/featuring consenting adult characters AND erotic content must be written from a female perspective.

GHOST WRITERS (Crime / Detective Short Stories)

Gripping crime/detective stories that could turn into series, preferably featuring flawed female leads a la Detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU, eg:

**Hearts of gold;

**Wrong choice in men, but damn good at job;

**Haunting pasts -- maybe she's been a victim of crime, or someone close to her has;

**Tough as nails;

**Gorgeous -- aware of it, uses it when it suits her to get what she wants (eg, info from a perp);

**Secretly desires a "normal" life, but doubts it'll ever happen;


Note: We’re looking for a few (3-5) flagship ghostwriters; meaning, a few writers we can work with all the time. Again we pay immediately upon complete manuscript submission.

Copyright: All rights will belong to us (work-for-hire project). All work must be 100% original (they will be checked for plagiarism/copyright infringement).


We take anywhere from 30-45 days to respond.


Send an email to WriteIEP-at-InkwellEditorialPublishing.com, or info (at) InkwellEditorial.com (preferred). Put "Write for Inkwell Editorial Publishing" in the subject line. This lets us know you've read these guidelines. Complete info regarding payment, submission policies, deadlines, etc., will be sent to you.

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