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About the Publisher

Inkwell Editorial Publishing was founded by Yuwanda Black of InkwellEditorial.com in October 2014. It is the publishing arm of Inkwell Editorial for fiction works (romance, erotica and crime novellas).

Why a Whole New Company

I've been a self-published author since 2002. In 2010, over half my annual income came from books I wrote and distributed. I was like, "Who buddy, I could make a full-time go of this if I hunkered down and produced more!" So I did.

In 2011, I published 50 titles on Amazon. These were all non-fiction, how-to ebooks mind you, mostly on the business of freelance writing, self-publishing and internet marketing. You can read all about that year-long journey here.

I've been a reader of romance since I was a preteen (I devoured Harlequins and historical romances throughout my teens and 20s). In 2013, I published my first romance novel (a contemporary, African American romance).

I loved writing it, but sales weren't that great and I didn't write another one for a year (as a self-publisher, I need to make money on the titles I put out). So, I went back to focusing on my non-fiction ebooks, which were my self-publishing bread and butter.

Then a magical thing happened in the spring of 2014 ... a fellow writer I know told me about the success she was having writing and self-publishing short, interracial romance novels. So, I started researching genres and book lengths and realized that there was a whole lot of stuff that sells in the very broad "romance" niche. And, you could make a living writing "shorts," as some call them.

I think it's because many people don't have time to invest in a 200 or 300-page book, but they will read a 70, 80 or 100-page novella if it's a good story and it's priced competitively.

And you know what else? Romance readers are voracious readers! It's the largest-selling genre of all, outpacing sales of sci-fi, crime, horror and many others put together. So I wrote an interracial romance and sales took off! I was totally hooked. In 2014, I published more than 20 short romance novellas. And that's what got me into fiction -- hence the need for this site.

InkwellEditorialPublishing.com Is Born

You see, as a writer, I lke to share what I'm passionate about. But, my primary blog (InkwellEditorial.com) is about succeeding as a freelance writer. And while self-publishing / writing romance / writing fiction is one way to do this, it's only a small part of it; hence, it's not proper to talk too much about it there. I needed a site devoted JUST to romance/fiction writing and self-publishing. Hence, this site.

Also here -- and on our social media outlets -- you'll find special deals and discounts on new and old releases; bundles of books you won't find any place else; a place to discuss your favorite characters; give insight into characters you'd like to read more about; etc. In short, InkwellEditorialPublishing.com is the community gathering place for the titles we release.

I look forward to interacting with you here.


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