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COMING NEXT: Part II of Hooked!: A Contemporary, Multicultural Romance (with a twist).

5 Steamy 99 Cent Reads! A Lover for Beth; Ruthless Love; Priced Out of Love; The Affair with Mr. X; and Return to Me.

List of Releases

1. 3 Weeks 'til Forever (Contemporary, African American Romance)

2. Trapped by Desire (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

3. Harper's Heart (Contemporary, Christian, Interracial Romance)

4. Return to Me, Part I (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

5. Return to Me, Part II (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

6. Return to Me, Part III (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

7. Desperate for More, Part I (Contemporary, Interracial, Billionaire Romance)

8. Desperate for More, Part II (Contemporary, Interracial, Billionaire Romance)

9. Any Way You Want Me (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

10. Just Sex Please: Part I (Contemporary, BBW, BWWM, Erotic Romance)

11. Just Sex Please: Part II (Contemporary, BBW, BWWM, Erotic Romance)

12. Just Sex Please: Part III (Contemporary, BBW, BWWM, Erotic Romance)

13. A Taste of Tara (Contemporary, Interracial, Erotic Romance)

14. A Taste of Tara: Part II (Contemporary, Interracial, Erotic Romance)

15. A Taste of Tara: Part III (Contemporary, Interracial, Erotic Romance)

16. Lust in Rome (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

17. A Lover for Beth: Part I (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

18. A Lover for Beth: Part II (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

19. The Courage to Love (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

20. Calypsian Heart: Escape to the Leadgate (YA Paranormal Romance)

21. I'll Take You ... and You (Adult, Erotic Romance featuring Multiple Partners)

22. The Affair with Mr. X: Part I (Steamy, Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

23. The Affair with Mr. X: Part II (Steamy, Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

24. Love ... Up in Smoke (Contemporary, Firefighter Romance)

25. A Lover for Beth: Part III (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

26. Priced Out of Love: Part II (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

27. Priced Out of Love (Contemporary, Interracial Romance). Note: This book has been an Amazon Top 100 category seller (multicultural, interracial romance); and an All Romance Ebooks Top 50 seller.

28. Ruthless Love (Contemporary, Interracial Romance). Note: This book has been an Amazon Top 100 category seller.

29. Hooked! (Contemporary, Multicultural Romance)

30. Ruthless Love: Part II (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

31. Priced Out of Love: Part III (Contemporary, Multicultural Romance)

32. Love Lies Deep (Contemporary, Multicultural Romance)

33. Priced Out of Love: Part IV (Cynthia's Story) (Contemporary, African American Romance)

34. No Regrets (A New Adult Romance)

35. Her Neighbor's Husband (Contemporary, Multicultural Romance)

36. Destined for Thee (Super-Romantic, Multicultural Romance)

37. Whisper of Love (Contemporary, Multicultural, Holiday Romance)

38. Brand My Heart (Contemporary, Multicultural Romance)

39. Ruthless Love: Part III (Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

40. Dare to Love (Steamy, Contemporary Romance)

41. The Affair with Mr. X: Part III (Steamy, Contemporary, Interracial Romance)

42. A Taste of Tara: Part IV (Contemporary, Interracial, Erotic Romance)

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